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 Shadowclan Cats

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PostSubject: Shadowclan Cats   Shadowclan Cats I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 2:44 pm

(W) = Wolfsky and (Z) = Zeezo


Brackenstar - Male - Mate of Wetstar (Riverclan) (W)


Darkclaw - Male - No Mate/Crush (Z)

Medicine Cat:

Moonscar - Male - No Mate/Crush (W)


Iceheart - Female - Crush on Blackheart (Z)

Blackheart - Male - Crush on Iceheart but Mate of Dawnpelt (W)

Rockpelt - Male - Mate of Emberpelt, Father of Rockpaw (W)

Curlpine - Female - No Crush/Mate (W)


Dawnpelt - Female - Mate of Blackheart, Mother of Nightkit and Yellowkit (Z)

Emberpelt - Female - Mate of Rockpelt, Pregnent with Rockpelts Kits, Mother to Rockpaw (W)


Rockpaw - Male - Son of Emberpelt (Z)


Yellowkit - Female - Daughter of Dawnpelt, Sister to Nightkit (Z)
Nightkit - Male - Son of Dawnpelt, Brother to Yellowkit (W)
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Shadowclan Cats
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