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 Kita and Memory Roleplay characters

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Kita and Memory Roleplay characters Empty
PostSubject: Kita and Memory Roleplay characters   Kita and Memory Roleplay characters I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 3:32 am

Rule: These are from my views. such as the crushes. i may be wrong cause your hiding a crush. but these are from my view till they been shown in rp =3


Female Gray Wolf

Living with Memory in his Encampment in the south west side of the forest

Crush: Most males but morely interested in Memory



Male Black Wolf

Home in the forest, set up a camp with Kita

Crush: Kita



Male Brown Wolf

Lives lone wherever he finds sleep. north of the forest

Crush: Kita



Female White Wolf

Lives east of the forest in her own territory

Crush: None



Male Black Wolf

Lives around east side of territory nearby Eternity

Crush: Eternity



Male Blonde Labrador

Lives in the North side of Town in a home with Hachi

Crush: Kita



Male Akita (Forgot colour..)

Lives with Bud in a home

Thats all i have right now. but we shall be adding more ^^
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Kita and Memory Roleplay characters
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